A sandwich with sausage inside. That's basically how we define a hot dog. However, this typical US dish has different ingredients around the world. Are you a fan of a good hot dog? Want to learn new ways to do it even with a gourmet twist? Then you arri ... もっと読む

Fusilli with ricotta and spinach Ingredients350 fusilli300 grams of fresh spinach200 grams ricotta40 grams of grape passes (optional)30 grams of peeled walnuts cut5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil4 spoons of reggiano grated parmigiano cheeseCinnamon ... もっと読む

The simple pizza dough recipe is ideal for those who want to gather the family and make a pizza allotment without leaving home and without spending a lot of money.If you've always wanted to learn how to make simple homemade pizza dough, this is the time! ... もっと読む